I (Karin) remember how I felt planning my wedding. Things I had never thought about before suddenly became the most important things to me. I researched like crazy and made inspiration pages in my wedding binder (before the days of Pinterest) so I had a clear idea of what I wanted. Above all I knew I wanted the most BEAUTIFUL photos that represented us. And even though we did all this work to find a great photographer, we were so disappointed with our photos. Now, I realized what mistakes I made and what I wish somebody would have shared with me when I was choosing a photographer.

That's why EV Photography came together, to give you that feeling of relief that comes when you know you have a passionate photographer that values you and your story. We are also committed to giving you an extra special experience you won't get anywhere else. Learn about the creative team that makes this all possible for our couples below.

You can also download our "10 Tips When Hiring A Wedding Photographer"


 We are a small elite group of Chicagoland photographers who value you and value capturing your unique story. We are creatives who believe that people are the most important thing in this world. We are not only passionate about what we do as artists we are passionate about each couple we work with. Interpreting your wedding story through the art of photography is our joy and honor. We go the extra mile to make sure you feel valued, cared for and heard. We value your relationship more than your business. We are also a team that values marriage, both yours and ours. We want you to feel like one of our friends so by the time your wedding roles around we can feel excited to celebrate with you!