Wedding photography isn’t for the weak of heart.

Moments should unfold without interruption and with perfect execution, but that’s not always the case. Even through months of strategic planning, wedding days are full of spontaneous disruptions and it’s up to your lead photographer to know how to handle them. We’re proud to say that our team is full of champions not only of their craft but also of how to be a composed leader when an unexpected obstacle comes to the surface. Knowing how to help with communication, details and the best interest of the couple, we’re able to capture everything for your day.

Here are some of our stories:

“I know that when I’m planning a timeline with the bride there is a 90% chance that things run late, something’s going to throw off the flow of the day, the weather won’t cooperate or someone is going to try and hijack the plan. There have been several weddings where I’ve had to step in, problem solve, and present the couple with their options. Sometimes I’ve even had to protect the couple from family, other wedding vendors or even their own wedding party to make sure the couple’s most valuable moments are captured. I remember this one wedding where the couple’s videographer would not let me get close to the couple that day, get my shot or even talk to the couple throughout the day. At one point they even grabbed me by my gear bag and moved me out of the way! The bride was getting very upset because she valued her photos more. After I had a private conversation with her we sneakily got on the party bus, just me, the second photographer and the couple, and ditched the videographer and the bridal party so we can get a couple’s portrait session in. We made it really fun for them and got some great shots! Team EVP takes pride in being able to problem solve and present the couple with clear options, and make sure you are dealing with as little stress as possible when it comes to your photos!”


“With all the hard work and planning that goes into your big wedding day, it’s the little details that add up to make it truly special and unique to you! I know Most of those details come together flawlessly but then some others can slip through the cracks and start to cause some panic. But the beauty of EVP and our team is we care about ALL the details WITH you. Even something as simple as the time when I came in and got all the guys lookin’ fresh with their boutonniere’s. I mean let’s be honest, how often in your life do you pin a little flower to your coat lapel? Not often! But it’s my vast experience and my care for details that often find themselves coming out for the rescue!”


”Planning is essential when it comes to wedding photography. Without a game plan there’s a lot of room for missed opportunities and we definitely don’t want that for our couples. BUT we also understand that life just happens and things don’t go the way you always plan it. That’s when having problem solving and time management skills come into play. I remember one wedding after the ceremony the couple, the bridal party and I went back to the hotel to take portraits. The couple wanted to freshen up before we took pictures so they went to their rooms only to find that their room keys stopped working. Definitely not ideal timing since the couple wanted to try to take photos outside and we were on the verge of rain. So I stepped in. I requested that the best man go talk to the front desk to figure out what was going on with the room keys while the couple and I go outside to capture their bridal portraits. Not even 5 minutes outside and we feel the rain coming down. We captured some awesome shots, but weren’t even close to being done, we still had individual bridal party and group portraits to take. I just took it as another opportunity for problem solving. I rearranged some couches, set up a few external flashes and was able to create a setting for indoor bridal party pictures. You can always plan for your day to the best of your ability, but know that there are things you can’t control and as a photographer you just have to remember what you can.” 


Our team knows that life isn’t perfect.

Events aren’t always going to be easy or exactly how you imagined, but we’ll take the unexpected and make it memorable!