There are so many decisions when it comes to planning your wedding, and wedding photography is one of the biggest! From the details on your rings to the raging reception there’s nothing you want ALL your wedding day moments to be captured. To gain maximum coverage on your wedding day it’s important to have a key player involved, a second shooter. A second shooter is exactly what it sounds like, a second photographer! On your wedding day in addition to your primary photographer, your second shooter can help capture a wider range of moments, different angles and save you a lot of time throughout your day. Here are some benefits we’ve recognized by having a second photographer.

1. Two People Two Different Places

It’s typical that bridal parties and couples are separated before the ceremony or first look. Because of that, it’s vital to have two photographers. You’re able to capture two settings within one time period. You won’t miss a moment!


Sometimes we take a few “just married” portraits after family formals. In this case, if you have a lot of guests, the second shooter can head over to cocktail hour and start capturing candids of the party getting started.

2. Time Saver

With a large wedding party or large family a second shooter really impacts the day! While capturing portraits, they help assist rounding up family members for the next photo and keep track of which portraits have been captured and which ones have not while the first shooter arranges and captures.

This one is easy math. The more photographers you have the more photos and perspectives you receive. The Lead shooter captures the moment no matter what. But the goal of the second photographer is to capture the moment from a different perspective. In times like a first look or a ceremony where photos from an atmospheric perspectives or the view of the parents tells the story of the day in in such a powerful way. It's the photojournalistic style that we value so much at EVP and we know our clients do too!

3. More Photos and Perspectives

4. Main Back Up

Our photographers always have two camera bodies on them for a wedding day. But a second shooter provides a backup for them! Remember, photographers are humans too. So if something epic happens while the first shooter is taking a restroom break, grabbing a glass of water or changing the batteries in their camera for example, you still got coverage!