Danielle T.

Danielle started her craft as a visual storyteller when she was in high school. By picking up a simple digital camera she discovered her eye for photography. She went on to get her BA in 2010, specializing in art studio with an emphasis in graphic design. She has fulfilled multiple advertising and marketing roles as well as production roles as a designer and photographer since. For Danielle being a creative isn’t just a 9-5, it’s a lifestyle. She currently resides in Munster, Indiana with her dog Wrigley.

The saying “strong women raise up strong women” definitely proves to be true. My mom, (Lorna), older sister (Dawn) and I have been through multiple trials, losses and celebrations of life together and that’s created a really strong bond between us unlike any other relationship I’ve developed in my lifetime. Sure, we’re not on the same page all the time, but these women will always have my back no matter what I’m going through or what I’m dealing with and I know there’s absolutely no judgement along the way. 

When I'm not working or creating I love going hiking with my dog Wrigley, trying new beer or drinks and food, going to the gym, trying new recipes (I’m a TOTAL foodie) and hanging out or going out with friends. 

  • Favorite Drink: Revolution Anti-Hero; Rosemary, Gin & Grapefruit cocktail; Gin & Tonic; Lagunitas IPA; Starbies and I are also on a first name basis 
  • Favorite Snack: Sweet potato fries ALL DAY EVERY DAY
  • Favorite Movie: The Devil Wears Prada. The scene where Meryl Streep shuts down Anne Hathaway for dissing the decision of a belt is iconic. 
  • Favorite genre of music: If I have to pick one I would say alternative. But if you look at my most played Spotify playlist it’s everything from musicals, to hip hop, pop, rock, disco, electronic...basically I’m an unapologetic complex lady when it comes to music. 
  • One adjective that describes you: An all encompassing word to describe me can be nothing other than FABULOUS (in the most humble way of course). I’m spunky, fun, confident and a glass half full kind of gal that will always make the best out of any situation with you. 
  • Favorite City: New York or Seattle. Both have the potential for adventure just in different capacities. 
  • Favorite Chicago location: Uptown! Wrigley and I go there frequently to visit our friends and go to Montrose Dog Beach.

"I love being able to meet new people and showcase everyone’s personal narrative, especially in the wedding industry because you’re documenting something that’s unlike anything else, love. I believe that love is one of those words that can act as a verb, noun, action, emphasis...the list could go on because there’s no limits to it. It’s something that everyone experiences in some shape or form, expresses and deserves. So for me as a photographer to have the honor to document the passion, choice and dedication partners have towards one other for better or worse is priceless"

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